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On 17th June Dipika Khaitan, Director of Raintree Developments, the current owner of the Farnborough Centrifuge, was presented with an Engineering Heritage Award by Patrick Kniveton, a previous President of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

These awards were established in 1984, with aim of promoting artefacts, sites or landmarks of significant engineering importance – past and present.

Sir Donald Spiers, the Vice Chairman of the Trustees of FAST, opened proceedings, followed by an introduction to the Heritage Award by John Wood, Chair of the IMechE Heritage Committee.

Dipika Khaitan receives the heritage award from Patrick Kniveton

The Farnborough Centrifuge

John Wood commented that the IMechE was very excited to receive the application for this award from this unique engineering achievement of real significance that was still in its original location and original context. John further stated that it was important that this superb achievement (the centrifuge) must not be allowed to fail or fall apart.

This was the 130th heritage award given by the IMechE, the audience included the Mayor of Rushmoor, Councillor John Marsh, as well as other invited guests and the volunteers who routinely organise visits to the facility.

Sue Adcock and her team of volunteers were on hand to provide brief tours of the facility after the presentation. Sue has been instrumental in driving the project through from start to finish to secure the award.

The award presentation was witness by an invited audience

From left to right: John Wood and Patrick Kniveton of the IMechE, Sue Adcock (FAST Centrifuge) and The Mayor of Rushmoor Councillor John Marsh