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Farnborough Air Sciences Museum


The FAST Museum offers educational tours for all student ages presenting a unique insight into Farnborough’s rich aviation heritage and the fascinating artefacts in our collection.

Our Educational Tours are:

  • Inexpensive – £5 per head with adult supervisors free
  • STEM Accredited – Tour Guides are all STEM Ambassadors or training to become one (For more details about STEM visit:
  • For all ages – from pre-school to University students or Apprentices
  • Flexible – we can tailor a tour to meet your requirements

Daytime and evening tours can be booked on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Daytime Tours are typically 2 hours but evening Tours are typically between 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the age group.

We also offer Educational Tours to The Farnborough Centrifuge and Wind Tunnels. Let us know if you are interested in those.

Come to Learn, Stay for Lunch!

Our Cody Pavilion is a great venue for a packed lunch, or if the weather is good, sit outside and watch the aircraft arriving and leaving Farnborough Airport.

Further Information & Bookings

You will find further information for particular age  groups below.

Please email: if you are interested in booking an educational visit.

Key Stage 1 & 2 Age Group – Primary Schools, Brownies, Cubs etc

The majority of our tours are in this age range as the tour complements the work done in Transport and Local History units.

So what actually happens on a typical 2 hour Educational Visit?
Let’s take a Year 2 visit as an example:

We start the Tour with a group photo in front of the Cody Statue in front of the Museum.

Following the welcome the pupils are told the five rules for the visit. Given that three of these are “No Running” it is easy to determine which aspect of potential behaviour causes us the greatest concern!

The pupils then have a brief (20-25 minutes) history lesson about aviation generally and at Farnborough specifically. This includes Samuel Cody as well as Tilly Shilling – always handy to know who the local Wetherspoon is named after.

And then the 45-60 minute tour begins. The pupils are divided into groups of 7 or 8 pupils with a volunteer guide, and tour the Cody Pavilion, the Museum, the Air Raid Shelter and the aircraft. We call it the touchy-feely tour because we encourage pupils to touch certain exhibits to reinforce their learning.

We start the final half-hour with a brief explanation of how wings work, the names of parts of an aircraft and the six degrees of freedom it has. They learn about port and starboard, as well as roll, pitch and yaw.

We end the visit with a paper airplane competition and photos with Samuel Cody (a cardboard cutout obviously).

Schools are welcome to stay for lunch – please bring your own – in the Cody Pavilion by prior agreement.

As the school departs we get feedback about the visit and wave goodbye. A certificate is provided for each child, summarising their experiences on the tour (see right).

Please email: if you are interested in booking an educational visit.

Key Stage 3 & 4 Age Group – Secondary Schools, Scouts, Guides, Rangers, Air Cadets etc

These tours are specifically designed around the needs of the visitor. We can help by focusing on specific areas of interest – from aircraft design, jet engines, theory of flight, wind tunnels and many more. Visitors usually enjoy sitting in a number of aircraft, including the Puma, Lynx, Harrier and Canberra.

Please email: if you are interested in booking an educational visit.

Key Stage 5 and Beyond

We will customise your tour to suit your needs. We have hosted visits by Aeronautical Engineering students, Aerospace Apprentices, Leisure and Tourism students and Archive students, amongst others.

Please email: if you are interested in booking an educational visit.

Samuel Cody Video

Just as a taster, here is a very short video featuring Samuel Cody. It isn’t actually his first flight but does give an accurate impression of what it (and he) might have been like.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Museum


Saturdays, Sundays and
Bank Holiday Mondays
10.00am - 4.00pm


The 2024 Wind Tunnel Tour Season is now running until 27th October 2024. Details at Wind Tunnel Tours>>


FAST Talks have now resumed, please see FAST Events for details.


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