Discover the Cody Flyer

See a full-size replica of the Cody Flyer which made the first powered flight in the UK in 1908

Walk around our aircraft on display outside

Tour our static aircraft including a Harrier – you might even get the chance to sit in it!

(Image: Hawker Hunter T7 WV383)

Take flight in our Simulators

Have a go in one of our simulators – you could be flying a Lightning, Harrier, Concorde or the Cody Flyer.

(Image: Concorde Flight Simulator – located Hall 2)

Explore the history of the Royal Aircraft Factory

See the last aircraft built at Farnborough and discover its range and endurance

(Image: SE5 Manufactured at the Royal Aircraft Factory)

Find out about rocketry at Farnborough

Examine part of a rocket that has actually been in space! It’s a bit bent from when it landed.

(Image: Black Arrow Rocket – located Cody Pavilion)

Discover technology developed at Farnborough

Find out what colour a Flight Data Recorder or Black Box is.  (You have probably guessed it’s not black!)

Explore our Architectural Heritage

Explore our building which was originally built as the Army Balloon School. It is where the first seven Royal Flying Corps (later the RAF) Squadrons were formed.

Last updated 07 September 2021

The FAST Museum is OPEN to the public on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays.
We look forward to welcoming you!

Whilst the government guidance no longer mandates the wearing of face coverings, we respectfully request that vistors continue wear face coverings whilst in the museum buildings to protect the volunteers and other visitors.

Please be aware that to maintain a COVID-Secure environment we are currently not able to operate the Flight Simulators or provide access to the Trident Cockpit, please accept our apologies.

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Explore the Museum

The FAST Museum includes a fascinating collection of aircraft, equipment, machinery, photographs, films, reports and books related to Farnborough’s illustrious aviation history.

And there are always enthusiastic experts always on hand to answer your questions!

FAST Museum Visitor Information

Visitor Information

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FAST Museum Farnborough


Explore our display halls, galleries and collections

FAST Museum Aircraft on Display

Aircraft on Display

Full-sized aircraft, sections and cockpits on display outside the Museum.

FAST Museum

Trenchard House
85 Farnborough Road
Hampshire GU14 6TF

Tel: 01252 375050
(Office manned Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays & Bank Holiday Mondays)

Concorde Flight Simulator


Try your hand at flying, from the 1908 Cody Flyer to the supersonic concorde.

FAST Museum Venue Hire

Venue Hire

A special setting for your meeting or event.
Aircraft also available for film and TV hire.

Farnborough Wind Tunnel History


Explore the range of documents, film and photography in our archive.


Temporary Exhibits

Black Arrow Rocket at Farnborough Air Sciences Museum

Black Arrow Rocket

The 4th March marked 50 years since the Black Arrow rocket conducted its first successful flight. Black Arrow would become the first, and currently only, British rocket to carry a British satellite into space when it placed the Prospero science satellite into orbit in 1971.

The UK Space Agency is partnering with FAST and the British rocket launch provider Skyrora to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Black Arrow launch and the current success of the UK space sector.

Skyrora brought the first stage of Black Arrow back to the UK from Australia two years ago and has lent it to the FAST museum where it will be on display until March 2023.

Zephyr Unmanned Aerial System at Farnborough Air Sciences Museum

Zephyr Unmanned Aerial Observation & Communications Relay

In the Cody Pavilion, suspended over the Cody Flyer, is an unmanned aerial system called Zephyr which was donated by Airbus Space and Defence UK.

The Zephyr first flew approximately 100 years after the Cody Flyer made its first flight in 1908, but where the Cody Flyer’s flight lasted a few seconds the Zephyr can fly for up to 25 days because it is powered by Solar energy, with secondary batteries charged in daylight to power overnight flight.

It has a Wingspan of 25m is made largely of Carbon Fibre, weighs just 75Kg, and uses Lithium Sulphur batteries. Flying at a height of 60,000 ft, it can be fitted with a variety of payloads allowing it to be used for a range of tasks such as maritime surveillance, border security or early warning.


Upcoming Events

All events are on hold at the moment.  We hope to rearrange, in 2021, the FAST Talks in the 2020 Series which were cancelled. Dates to be advertised on this site.


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“The perfect day out”

Absolutely adored this museum. The investment in ensuring this part of Farnborough’s history stays in people’s minds is absolutely wonderful. The volunteers were exceptionally helpful, informative and full of decades worth of experience. An added bonus is that some of the static aircraft are also open to visitors to sit in. The perfect day out!

“Awesome aviation and superb science”

What a brilliant little museum! I loved the eclectic mix of aircraft science memorabilia. The enthusiastic staff were on hand to explain everything. The replica of Cody’s airplane was superb and the audio recording of his first flight really brought the exhibit to life.

“A wonderful tour”

What a wonderful tour of the FAST museum in Farnborough. A diamond that is missed by most locals but what a treat. The place is run entirely by volunteers – I was amazed by their knowledge and experience. They made us feel so welcome. We were there for 2 hours but barely skimmed the surface of the heritage they are custodians of.

“Great for all ages”

Easy to find and simple parking. Variety of planes and cockpits outside but the goodies were inside. All those pieces of history flooding my 10 year old’s brain and me like a kid in a sweet shop reading all the info from WW1 to Concorde. The most important factor are the people who volunteer. They are the true spirit of aviation in this museum. I loved it and so did my 10 year old son.

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Aircraft on Display

Flight Simulators

Temporary Exhibits


Saturdays, Sundays and
Bank Holiday Mondays
10.00am - 4.00pm


The FAST Museum RE-OPENED on Saturday 31 July 2021.

The Wind Tunnels remain CLOSED, but we expect an update on this very soon.

Covid Secure Guided tours of the Man-Carrying Centrifuge are running.


All postponed events are currently being rescheduled and dates will be posted soon>>


Trenchard House
85 Farnborough Road
Hampshire GU14 6TF

Tel: 01252 375050
(Office manned Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays & Bank Holiday Mondays)

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