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In general the FAST Library comprises three main sections:

  • A conventional Books Library which holds commercial published books on Aviation and Biographies/Autobiographies of aviation and RAE personnel.
  • The Reports Library holds the Technical and Scientific Reports and Memoranda of RAE, Bedford and Pyestock Research & Development.
  • The Journals Library which comprises a full complement of the bound volumes of Flight (from 1909) and Aeroplane (from 1911-12) as well as the Journals of the Royal Aeronautical Society and volumes of research throughout the world (USA, Canada, Europe, Japan etc.), including NACA Annual Reports, all previously housed in the Historical Section of the RAE Library.

The Museum posesses a wide range of Aeronautical Research Council (ARC) Annual Reports, Research & Memoranda (R&M) and Current Papers (CP) and reports from other Government Research Laboratories. Significant amongst these are publications from the National Gas Turbine Establishment (NGTE). The early volumes of the annual reports of the Advisory Council for Aeronautics are also held. The Library also holds a number of Air Publication (APs) and Aircraft Manuals as well as detailed papers on some of the RAE aircraft experimental flight programmes – particularly the Buccaneer XV344 flight trials.

A good selection of Pilots Notes, Flight Reference Cards, Flight Manuals and Sea Harrier FA2 AP101B manuals are held – mainly for RAE Experimental Flight aircraft.

Enquiries & Access

If you wish to see any of our archives or artefacts, or to enquire whether we have a particular item, please see Enquiries & Access for details and forms.


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