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Are there any special terms and conditions?
The FAST Visitor Code of Conduct Policy and Wind Tunnel Tour safety information leaflet are available to download or print here:
Wind Tunnel Tours Policies & Admin

Why are tours only available on Thursday?
The tours are operated entirely by volunteers and are designed to take place on the working weekdays (Tuesday and Thursday) when the FAST Museum is not open to the general public. Farnborough Centrifuge tours typically operate on Tuesday and the same team of volunteer marshals is deployed for these. However, if you would like to arrange a visit to the Wind Tunnels on a Tuesday (or any other day by special arrangement), please contact us.

Why are tours only available in the summer time?
The environment within the wind tunnels makes them unsuitable for tours in winter.

I’m at work during the day can you operate a Wind Tunnel tour in the evening?
Additional permissions will be required from the Farnborough Business Park, although it may be possible to arrange this. However we would require a minimum group size of 20 and the tour would need to start no later than 18:00. We would also require a firm booking accompanied by a 25% deposit on the total ticket price. Please contact us to discuss in detail.

Can I arrange a whole day out to include the Museum and Centrifuge as part of my trip?
We would be happy to discuss these arrangements separately please contact us.

Can tours be run at weekends?
Special arrangements can be made for tours to run on Saturdays although the minimum and maximum numbers still apply. Due to the additional security requirements, these tours incur an additional one-off surcharge of £50.00 per group. If you are interested in finding out more please contact us.

How do I get to the Wind Tunnels by Public Transport?
Farnborough Main is the nearest railway station, about a 20 minute walk, and there are local taxi and bus services available. More information is available at and

Can I pay for a tour by cheque or Bank transfer rather than cash or credit card?
We are able to accept cheques on the day of a tour made payable to ‘Farnborough Air Sciences Trust.’ For other methods of payment, please contact us.

What happens if a tour has to be cancelled for any reason?
FAST does not own the Wind Tunnels and very occasionally there are circumstances beyond our control that dictate a pre-booked tour has to be postponed. On these occasions we will work very closely with those that have booked to arrange an alternative as close to the original date as possible.

Should individuals or group need to cancel at short notice FAST will also try to arrange an alternative date, although in this case we must reserve the right to recover any ‘out of pocket’ expenses that may have been incurred as a result.

Can I use a wheelchair on the tour?
There are some areas of the tour that can only be accessed by climbing stairs and some doors are rather narrow. Ramps are available and we work hard to ensure that wheelchair users get as much out of a tour as possible.  For further information and to discuss the requirement in more detail, please contact us.

I represent a group, club or society. Is it possible to survey the Wind Tunnels before I recommend a visit to them and does FAST have full Public Liability Insurance?
You would be welcome to survey the site; one of our volunteers will accompany you.  FAST does have PLI cover .  Contact us to arrange your visit and discuss any further details.

Are there age restrictions and can School or Youth Group parties attend?
The minimum age for a visitor is 11 years and so children of Secondary School age and members of Associations such as the Scouts and Guides etc. are welcome. All individual visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and groups must have at least three accompanying adults with one acting as leader.

We will always try to accommodate educational visits of all kinds and suggest these be discussed separately; please contact us.

Can I arrange a guided tour around the site without actually entering the wind tunnels?
These can be arranged separately, please contact us.

Do you operate tours that are specifically aimed at photographic societies?
Please see Photographic Opportunities for information and we would be happy to discuss the arrangements separately, please contact us.

Do you offer price discounts to Service Veterans, Pensioners or Emergency Service Staff?
All proceeds from the Wind Tunnel tours are used exclusively to support the work of the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust which is itself a registered charity (Charity Commission Registration Number 1040199) and we are grateful for your kind understanding.

Are coach parties allowed and is there parking available for one or more large vehicles?
We welcome coach parties and there is ample parking for larger vehicles.  If you would like more detail for your particular visit please contact us.

Are there catering facilities or a chance to pick up a drink and a snack during a tour?
Unfortunately there is currently no provision for catering at the Wind Tunnels, but visitors are welcome to bring their own refreshments which we suggest be consumed at the end of a tour during the closing presentation.  Bottled water will be available free of charge at the height of summer.  There are plenty of cafes and pubs nearby.

Will I be able to sit down or rest during a tour if I need a bit of a breather?
Chairs are available throughout the tours and, if necessary, one of our volunteer marshals will accompany you with a portable chair so that you can rest at any time. The tour will always wait for you and make sure you enjoy the experience.

Do I need any knowledge of science, technology or engineering in order to enjoy a tour?
The tours are designed to cater for people with a very wide range of interests and background understanding. They can be tailored to suit any level of interest, from general curiosity up to a detailed technical description. We always encourage questions and visitor participation during a tour and our marshals will be on hand to answer any questions.

Do you issue Audio Guides or similar equipment to provide more information?
This is certainly an ambition for the future but not something we can do at the moment.

Does the Wind Tunnel tour include a visit to Farnborough Airport?
Farnborough Airport guided tours are not operated by or related to FAST and if you wish to arrange these please contact Farnborough Airport.

Can I visit the Transonic Wind Tunnel?
A limited number of visits to the Control Room of the Transonic Wind Tunnel will be available during the 2023 season. These are likely to be restricted to 5 visitors per session and we kindly request a charitable donation of £35.00 per person. A waiting list is now open; to reserve a place and help with the planning process please contact:

We will be travelling some distance but are interested in visiting the Wind Tunnels. What else is there to do in and around Farnborough?
A visit to the FAST Museum and/or the Centrifuge can be arranged, but for other local attractions, we suggest visiting Tripadvisor which has lots of useful information.

If keep him on a lead and clean up along the way, can I bring my dog?
Apart from the specially trained dogs that are used to provide essential support to those with a disability or medical conditions, we are not permitted to allow animals of any kind to join Wind Tunnel tours.  Thank you for your understanding.

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