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At the start of the First Aerial War in 1914 the simple aeroplanes of the time were hard pushed to reach 10,000 ft and breathing oxygen was not required.  However, the speed of development meant that by around 1916 oxygen was required to maintain the alertness and consciousness of pilots and observers.

Both liquid oxygen and pressurised bottled oxygen systems were in use. The German Zeppelins, with their high service ceiling, had used oxygen from early on with a liquid oxygen system. These simple systems were used right through into WW2, but the increasing operational needs required oxygen systems to be improved, to use pressure breathing at 40,000 ft and above.

In the current fast jets the use of pressure breathing along with full coverage anti-g suits are used to help the pilot pull a continuous 9g turn.

The FAST Museum holds a collection of these fascinating historical items.

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