Aircraft on Display

Hawker Siddely Harrier T4 XW934

XW934 at RAE Farnborough

T4 on trials at Boscombe Down

This aircraft was the first generation of the Harrier series, the first operational close support and reconnaissance fighter
aircraft with a Vertical/Short Take-Off and Landing capability(VSTOL).

Initial flight of the Harrier GR.1 was on 31 August 1966 The first production Harrier GR.1 was flown on 28 December 1967.

The Harrier was a unique aircraft that offered capabilities and challenges no combat pilot had ever been given before, so a two-seat conversion trainer version was ordered. This featured a stretched fuselage to accommodate two seats in a tandem fashion.

The most visible change to the GR.3 relative to the GR.1 was the addition of an elongated nose ‘thimble’ to house a Laser Ranger & Marked Target Seeker (LRMTS). This gave the Harrier a ‘Pinnochio’ nose, or as the RAF called it, a ‘Snoopy nose’.

The Museum Harrier XW934 (C/N 212017) was flown to RAE Farnborough in 1990 at the end of its service life and was used as an Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) test vehicle. It was donated by QinetiQ to FAST in 2009 and is complete with all its systems.

Technical Specifications

Crew : 2
Length : 14.27m (46ft 10in)
Wingspan : 7.7m (25ft 3in)
Height : 3.63m (11ft 11in)
Engine : Pegasus 11 Mark 103
Thrust : 95.6kN (21,500 lbf)
Maximum Speed : 1,175km/h (730mph)
Service Ceiling : 16,800m (55,000ft)
Empty Weight : 6,140kg (13,535 lb)
Loaded Weight : 11,430kg (25,200lb)
Range : 670km (415 miles)

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