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GAF Jindivik ZJ496

XJ496 take-off from trolley

XJ496 arrives at FAST

Jindivik was intended to provide the joint British-Australian Weapons Research Establishment in South Australia with a suitable high speed target to assist in the development of guided missiles and rockets.

The design began at the Government Aircraft Factories (GAF), Port Melbourne in 1948 to a British ministry of Supply specification E7/48. The name Jindivik was said to be the Aboriginal word meaning ‘the hunted one’.

The first radio remote controlled flight by a Jindivik took place on 28th August 1952, and by 1986 500 Jindviks had been built, with production ceasing in 1987. Apart from Britain and Australia, sales were made to Sweden and the US Navy.

All versions used a jettisonable three-wheeled launching trolley for take-off and a retractable sprung skid for landing. They remained in service in Britian until 2003 when the last Mk4A was flown at Llanbedr in Wales. This drone stands on its original launch trolley and completed 12 sorties before being retired to the FAST Museum.

Technical Specifications

Crew : None
Length : 8.15m (26ft 8in)
Wingspan : 6.32m (20ft 9in)
Height : 2.08m (6ft 10in)
Engine : Rolls-Royce Viper Mk.201
Thrust : 12.6kN (2,800 lbf with afterburner)
Maximum Speed : 908km/h (564 mph)
Service Ceiling : 17,375m (57,000ft)
Empty Weight : 1,315kg (2,900 lb)
Loaded Weight : 1,451kg (3,200 lb)
Range : 1,038km (645 miles)

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