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We aim to make our website accessible by all including those with visual impairment.  We use a larger typeface than many websites for this purpose.  Some further hints and tips about accessibility are below.

More generally, we hope that the layout and content of this website is useful to you.  We very much welcome your comments and we will try our best to meet your needs.  Please bear in mind, however, that we are a charity!  The draft and design of this website has been provided to us free of charge as a donation to our work from Farnborough-based Waving Moose Communications, and our volunteers and donors expect us to minimise costs in its development wherever possible. 

Nevertheless we would be pleased to receive your comments about any aspect of this website.  Please e-mail your comments to the Publicity Manager.

Hints and Tips on Accessibility

For larger text :
  • Firefox - hold down Control and press +
  • Internet Explorer 6 - hold down control and scroll your mouse wheel
  • Internet Explorer 7 - go to View, Text Size in the menu bar and select "larger" or "largest". Do not use the mouse wheel method - in IE7 that means zoom the screen and it applies a horizontal scroll bar instead of adjusting the text column widths
For high contrast :
You can choose to use a High Contrast theme for your browser by going to Start Menu > Control Panel > Accessibility Options > Display and check the Use High Contrast option preference.

If you have accessibility issues, why not try Firefox?  It's free to download and is the front runner for accessibility.

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