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Black Arrow Rocket

On display is the First Stage and Adapter section of Black Arrow Rocket that was actually used to launch the Prospero satellite.  It is the first, and currently only, British rocket to carry a British satellite into space.

During the launch phase this section reached an altitude of approximately 100km itself and was recovered some 200km downrange.

That it was recovered is unusual because most satellite launching sites (such as Kennedy in Florida) are on the coast, which means that the First Stages of Space Launchers fall into the sea and are lost. However, Black Arrow was launched from the Woomera launch site in Australia, which extends overland for several thousand miles down range.  This enabled the first stage to be recovered, admittedly slightly bent, making it an almost a unique item on public display.

After the vehicle was recovered, it was put on display in Australia for several years before being shipped to the UK by Skyrora, and has now been loaned to FAST because of the many connections to the Space Department of RAE. The actual Black Arrow was built by Saunders Roe on the Isle of Wight, where a full size replica of Black Arrow can be seen at the Isle of Wight Aviation Museum at Sandown Airport.

Black Arrow Rocket at Farnborough Air Sciences Museum
Black Arrow Rocket Comes to Farnborough

Zephyr Unmanned Aerial System

Zephyr was originally designed and built by QinetiQ in 2003, here at Farnborough. The design has undergone a number of iterations with the latest being Zephyr 8 of which the Ministry of Defence purchased two examples in February 2016.

The aircraft is of carbon fibre construction and uses sunlight to charge a lithium-sulphur battery during the day which powers the aircaft at night, the aircraft has been designed for use as an observation and communications relay.

Zephyr 7 holds the official endurance record for an unrefuelled, unmanned aerial vehicle with its flight from 9th – 23rd July 2010, lasting 336 hours, 22 minutes and 8 seconds (14 days, 22mins, 8secs).

Zephyr UAV


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