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21 February 2015
The Mayor Hans-Georg Brum and other Civic dignitaries from Oberursel - who were in Rushmoor  to mark the 25th Anniversary  of the Twinning of the two towns - visited the FAST Museum on Saturday 21st February. 
 In front of the Cody Statue.
From left to right Andrew Lloyd - Chief Executive Rushmoor Borough Council, Hans-Georg Brum  - Mayor of Oberursel, Councillor Diane Bedford - Mayor of Rushmoor and Christoph Mullerleille - Chairman of Oberursel Council.
They had just viewed the Oberursel bricks.

The visitors view the Oberursel  bricks.

The group pose with Mr Cody in front of his British Army Aeroplane No 1A

Later : At an evening reception at Smith Dorrien House,  Aldershot held by the Twinning Association of Rushmoor.  The Mayor of Rushmoor  presents a copy of the Cody Statue Book of the Bricks to the Mayor of Oberursel. FAST Trustee David Wilson looks on.

12 May 2015
Shown here gathered beside the Harrier at the FAST Museum are three participants in the BBCTV documentary "JET! When Britain Ruled the Skies"

Left is Richard Gardner, FAST Chairman, who featured in the BBC Four programme relating his eye-witness account of the famous John Derry DH110 crash in 1952 and recalling other test pilot heroes of that era.

In the centre is former Harrier Chief Test Pilot John Farley, a member of FAST who started his aviation career as an engineering apprentice at RAE Farnborough. He became famous internationally as an outstanding display and demonstration Harrier pilot, about which he spoke in the programme, which was filmed at the FAST Museum, using much archive film from the Trust's collection.

On the right is James Hamilton-Patterson, whose book "Empire of the Clouds" inspired the TV programme. James was visiting Farnborough to give a lecture to a FAST audience of around 130 people on the decline of Britain's world leadership in aerospace since the 1960s, which was the theme of the book and TV documentary.

12 May 2015
Sir Gerald Howarth, newly re-elected MP for Aldershot, and Lady Howarth, visited the FAST stand at the Hampshire VE Day 70th Anniversary exhibition held in the Princes Hall, Aldershot on May 9. They expressed much interest in a historic film from the FAST archives, and also display items from the museum's collection, which  included a 1944 Type E British flying helmet, Mk lllA goggles and a Type G oxygen mask which would have been worn by both WW2 fighter and bomber pilots. Period books were also on display together with an aerial photograph of the Royal Aircraft Establishment taken in 1945, which attracted much interest. It depicted Britain's latest prototype aircraft of the period, plus captured German aircraft which had been tested and evaluated at the RAE during and immediately after the end of the war in Europe.
23 August 2015

Chris Roberts, charity bike rider, dropped into FAST on day 6 of a 10 day solo ride (seen here holding his trusty steed accompanied by FAST Trustee Dr Graham Rood in the Cody Pavilion).

Chris had completed 330 miles since leaving Cardiff on Tuesday morning last week. His ride is unaided with no destination in mind and sponsors getting the chance to influence where he goes each day. As far as he can tell no one has attempted such an unusual sponsored event. He visited the museum at the behest of sponsor Ben Thomas who is studying for an aero degree and said that FAST is "one of his favourite places to visit".

Chris is raising funds for GOFAL which is a Welch mental health charity and a charity run by Elim Pentecostal Church that helps people affected by trafficking and slavery.

Eagle Radio broadcast from 6am - 9pm on 26 June outside the Cody Statue and FAST Museum on last day of their Love Team Tour 2015.
15 June 2015
A 600 mile relay cycle ride from Belfast to Farnborough made its last stop at the FAST museum on 15 June where the team handed over a pennant to salute Britain's first aviator, Samuel Franklin Cody. His statue stands where he used to pass every day when he was employed as the Army's Chief Kite Instructor, and later pioneer pilot, over 100 years ago.

The cycle relay ride started in Belfast on 11 June and visited many prominent UK aviation landmarks and sites, both current and historic, in the four nations which comprise the United Kingdom.  The riders were largely Inspectors of Air Accidents, with some administrative and support staff as well.  From Belfast, they crossed to Scotland and then rode south to Bristol, via a site in Wales before finishing at historic Farnborough, Hampshire, where the AAIB headquarters is situated.

FAST Volunteer June Smith and member of the Rushmoor Cycling Forum leads the AAIB Cycling Team and its supporters  up the RAE Road to the Cody Statue.
The team pose in front of the Cody Statue

Presentation of the Pennant - From left to right: Andrew Lloyd - Chief Executive of Rushmoor Borough Council, the Mayor of Rushmoor - Councillor Martin Tennant, Keith Conradi  - Chief Inspector Of Accidents, Richard Gardner - Chairman of FAST

...and finally some of the team members by the historic RAE Gates at the Museum prepare to return to their Headquarters.

26 June 2015

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