Farnborough Air Sciences Trust
Safeguarding Our Unique Aviation Heritage
IN BRIEF you will see on display:
  • Aircraft, or parts of aircraft, nose sections and cockpits of historical and scientific interest
  • Displays of original RAE research and development  
  • Photographs spanning the history of Farnborough's aviation site
  • Photographs and documents relating to military and civil aviation
  • Artifacts illustrating landmarks in technical achievement
  • Examples of pioneering materials development e.g. carbon fibre
  • Jet engines and helicopter rotors
  • Fully working demonstration wind tunnel
  • Scale models
  • Full size replica of the Cody Flyer and flight simulation
  • Educational material
Exhibits and Attractions
Exhibits & Attractions

The Collection
Aircraft on Display
Flight Simulators
Cody Pavilion
Home of the Cody Flyer

A developing series of articles describing some interesting items from the FAST collection.
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