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For more information, or for specific footage enquiries, contact:

Ashley Morgan
Tel: 0771 428 6110

If you wish to see any of our other archives or artefacts, or to enquire whether we have a particular item, please see Enquiries & Access for details and forms.

Introduction to the Archives

Only about 2% of the FAST Collection is displayed in the Museum, the remainder is recorded, catalogued and stored securely in archives.  Items can be made available, where possible, for research and personal interest by request.

FAST has collected, and has been donated, an extensive archive of scientific, engineering, experimental and social artefacts, as well as a huge range of photographic, film and report archives. They virtually all originate from the RAE.  We have material from almost all departments within the RAE stretching throughout its long history; donated by staff at Farnborough during its closing down period; and later from donations by QinetiQ, DSTL, the Aviation Industry and a number of individuals who worked at, or were connected with, the staff at RAE.

And there are enthusiastic experts always on hand to answer your questions.

Most of the artefacts are unique, one-off items that were produced and used for the research and development programmes at Farnborough and its outstations (including Bedford, Aberporth and Pyestock). Amongst the archive there are a range of wind-tunnel models, aerial photography cameras and fittings, a complete range of Flying Clothing and Helmets, instrumentation, radio and radar items, guided weapons, gas turbines, small wind-tunnels, space department items and many, many more.

The larger artefacts, such as the Concorde engine, intakes and exhaust buckets, NGTE Pyestock research test rigs, Pendine rocket sled and gas turbine engines, are stored in a new building on the same site.

The FAST Archive collection amounts to approximately half a million different artefacts and obviously they cannot be displayed all at once so the museum displays are constantly being changed and updated in rotation. So even if you have visited us already please come again as the museum will have changed in some way.

Archives Database

All relevant artefacts are booked in on a FAST form, photographed and individually numbered before being entered on an electronic database, thus ensuring continuity of the history of the donation.


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The 2024 Wind Tunnel Tour Season is now running until 27th October 2024. Details at Wind Tunnel Tours>>


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