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Amongst the archive there are a range of wind-tunnel models, aerial photography cameras and fittings, a complete range of Flying Clothing and Helmets, instrumentation, radio and radar items, guided weapons, gas turbines, small wind-tunnels, space department items and many, many more.   All items are entered on an electronic database after being tagged and photographed.  About 10% of the archive total is displayed in the FAST Museum (due to restricted space available) and the remainder is held in the reserve collection on the G1 Museum site.

The larger artefacts, such as the Concorde engine, intakes and exhaust buckets, NGTE Pyestock research test rigs, Pendine rocket sled, gas turbine engines etc are stored in a new building on the same site.

The Cody Pavilion celebrates the life and times of Samuel Franklin Cody and the first powered, sustained and controlled flight in Great Britain at Farnborough in October 1908.  A full size replica, constructed in its original form and materials of this historic and unique aeroplane - Cody Army Aeroplane No1A - is on permanent display.  More details about The Cody Pavilion here >>

Artefacts Database

All relevant artefacts are booked in on a FAST form, photographed, individually numbered and entered on a database, thus ensuring continuity of the history of the donation.
When completed the artefact database will be made available on-line.


As well as the more popular aviation books, our library holds a number of directly related RAE and Royal Aircraft Factory historical artefacts.  We have some of the technical notebooks of the early pioneers at Farnborough - Busk, de Havilland, Folland.  We also have a wide range of autobiographies and biographies of test and service pilots - many of whom flew experimental aircraft at Farnborough and Bedford.

We also have aero books back to 1898 and bound volumes of Flight, Aeroplane and Janes; as well as The Proceedings of the Royal Aeronautical Society.  We also keep numerous brochures and programmes associated directly with the RAE (Open Days etc) or with the Airshow.

If you have a simple enquiry (eg ie to arrange a date for a visit or opening times etc.) please phone the Museum on 01252 375050. 

If you wish to see any of our archives or artefacts, or to enquire whether we have a particular item, please make an enquiry by e-mail to the Museum Manager, detailing what you want and we will get back to you. 

Alternatively we are happy to be contacted by post.

Or come and visit us, during Museum Opening Hours >>
FAST has collected, and has been donated, an extensive archive of scientific, engineering, experimental and social artefacts, as well as a huge range of photographic, film and report archives.  They virtually all originate from the RAE - from almost all departments within the RAE and from its long history; from the staff at Farnborough during its closing down period; and later from donations by QinetiQ, DSTL, the Aviation Industry and a  number of individuals who worked at, or were connected with the staff at RAE.

Most of the artefacts are unique, one-off items that were produced and used for the research and development programmes at Farnborough and its outstations (Bedford, Aberporth, Pyestock etc.) 
Donate an Item

From the inception of FAST, the generous donation of every kind of item by individual members of the public, many of them previous employees of the RAE, has enormously enriched the Museum's Collection.  These donations have helped to illustrate and record all the scientific, technological and social history of the Royal Aircraft Establishment and its outstations (Bedford, Malvern, Westcott, Aberporth etc). 

Should you wish to donate an item to FAST please Email the Museum Manager or 01252 375050 during Office Opening hours (Tuesday or Thursdays between 10:00 and 16:00 hrs).

Upon receiving your donated item we will enter that item on our Museum Donation Form, it is given an individual artefact number, photographed and entered into the Artefact Database, so you can rest assured that we will value and look after your donation.  Similarly for any form of paperwork - photographs, reports, letters, brochures, posters etc - all will be entered onto the appropriate databases.

Like most Museums we have a strict Acquisitions and Disposals Policy and these conditions are approved by National and County Museum Services so, again, we ensure that your donation is safe with us as part of the Heritage Collection.

We continue to welcome donations from the public or organisations. If you have an item that you think might be of interest, please consider the following points:

  •  We collect every type of item including objects, books, documents, photographs, films, sound recordings, posters and works of art;
  •  We collect things primarily related to the history or heritage of the Royal Aircraft Establishment and its outstations; and secondly things that are related to the wider history of aviation (e.g pilots Flying Log Books); or things that have been produced from Industry where the research on that item originated at Farnborough or its out stations;
  •  Due to limitations in display space in the Museum, we may not always be able to display your item, although we change displays regularly to try and show the breadth and depth of the Collection - so your item has a good chance of display - but, whatever the case, it in no way degrades the importance of your donation to FAST;
  • If we accept an item from you for the Collection we may then lend it temporarily to other Museums or Exhibitions, under our Control of Loans Procedure & Agreement;
  •  We are unable to give valuations of items.
 We look forward to hearing from you!