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The museum also possesses a wide range of Aeronautical Research Council (ARC) Annual Reports, Research & Memoranda (R&M) and Current Papers (CP) and reports from other Government Research Laboratories. Significant amongst these are publications from the National Gas Turbine Establishment (NGTE) as well as a virtually complete set of RAF Institute of Aviation Medicine Reports & Memos, and a significant collection of Flying Personnel Research Committee (FPRC) documents dating back to1938.

Access to the Collection

The intention is to make all the various collection databases available online and this task is progressing steadily. However, it is currently possible to search the in-house reports database (at May 2011) by reference number, title, author or date.

When completed the online version will be available via this website.
To obtain access to, or copies of, any items in the FAST collection of publications, please Email the Museum Manager.

Charges for Reproduction of Reports

FAST is a charity and needs to generate income to continue the work of preserving and developing its unique collection of artefacts and publications. These are our only tangible assets and we therefore need to make reasonable charges for access to them.

Copies of reports from the archives are available for private use only and we charge 20p per page for a pdf version delivered electronically (+£5 for delivery on CD) or 25p per page for a paper photocopy. There is a minimum charge of £10, which includes a research service fee, plus postage (where appropriate). If you would like to purchase a copy of the report for private study only we will ask you to sign a copyright and disclaimer form stating that you will not attempt to make further reproductions.

If the access required is considered to be in line with our own aims of developing our understanding of important aspects of aviation activity at Farnborough, then we will negotiate an appropriate charge.  Other requests from commercial projects such as books, TV, films or multimedia will be treated in a similar way.  

Report Copyright, Disclaimer & Order Form

You will be asked to complete this form which you can download here :

                Report Copyright, Disclaimer & Order Form
Along with the photographic and other collections, FAST has also amassed a significant number of RAE reports and documents. The technical reports and memoranda date from the Royal Aircraft Factory days in 1917 right through to the demise of the RAE in the early 1990s. Not all documents are available, of course, but the collection increases on a daily basis. The majority of our pre-1950 reports - many back to 1917 - are recorded on 35mm film and represent a particular treasure trove for aviation historians. More general aspects of life at RAE are also well covered by a complete set of the house magazine, RAE News published between 1948 and 1991.
Farnborough Air Sciences Trust
Safeguarding Our Unique Aviation Heritage