Farnborough Air Sciences Trust
Safeguarding Our Unique Aviation Heritage
An Introduction to FAST

FAST (the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust) was founded in 1993 to safeguard Farnborough's priceless aeronautical heritage.  We work to preserve and promote Farnborough's great heritage in aviation science - an important educational resource and an internationally significant part of the nation's scientific progress.

FAST is a registered charity Reg No 1040199) and a fully accredited national museum.  It is entirely self-funded through the activities of its Trustees and supporting members' association (FASTA), supplemented by donations from the general public.  Additional sponsorship and grants are actively sought, alongside fund-raising events, museum hosting and shop sales.  If you would like to join us, we would be delighted!

The FAST Museum is the 'window' to our work and there is plenty of information about it on this website. 
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